Alloy Practice Sword - Iaito

Iaito are a fairly modern invention (post-WWII) that were less designed originally for safety than to bypass the severe laws created against manufacturing and carrying weapons after Japan's loss in the war.  Because proper iaito are unable to be sharpened, they could be made and used for training without being subject to the same regulations.  A side benefit of this is that they are much safer for practice, though the tip is still sharp and the dull blade can still cause damage.

Iaito are not made for impact.  They are only for solo practice and should not clash with another weapon, whether metal or wooden.  They are crafted to have the same approximate weight as a shinken of the same size.  The iaito that we sell about 2.45 shaku (about 29 inches) and have a standard handle about 10 inches.

These are real iaito made in Japan.  This becomes important if you want to ever travel to Japan to train.  At the airport, they will still do the "magnet" test: if the magnet sticks, the blade doesn't go in or out.  Our blades are the proper substance to go in and out of the country without any problems.

One thing, however, that isn't made in Japan is the wrap on the handle.  We disassemble the wrap that comes with the sword and redo it ourselves because the factory wrap doesn't meet our standard of quality.  Your iaito will be wrapped in the USA with top quality silk ito and detailed craftsmanship that can't be achieved in a mass production situation.  This is the practice sword our owner uses in his own practice, and we think you'll like it just as much as he does!

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