If you would like a full samegawa wrap all of the way around your tsuka, please purchase this upgrade.  This will ensure that you receive an emperor's node (oyatsubo) on the omote side of your handle, positioned appropriately above the omote knot of the tsukaito.  I will place the seam down the middle of the ura side diamonds as in the pictures above unless you tell me otherwise.


Note: the samegawa used in most of the pictures for this service is a top-grade same.  I use a mid-grade piece of same at this price.  Let me know if you would like to upgrade and we can discuss costs.

Full Samegawa Wrap (w/ oyatsubo)

  • If you would like the oyatsubo placed in an alternate position or you would like the seam hidden, you must inform me of that in writing.


    I use a mid-grade same at this price.  If you would like a higher grade, such as the one in the pictures attached to this entry, there will be an additional fee.