Leather ito is durable and supple.  It provides an excellent grip, and many who make the switch to leather won't go back!  (Note that selecting the Wakizashi/Tanto size option will reduce the price for the smaller handle.)


Nubuck will provide a similar experience, but is a softer leather that feels particularly luxuriant to the hand.  It has been buffed to give the leather a raised feeling like suede.  Enjoy this unique yet traditional upgrade at a reasonable price.


This wrapping service includes:

  • New ito in whatever available color you like
  • Basic adjustment of your fuchi and kashira for better fit
  • Placement of menuki in the "traditional" place unless you specify differently
  • Some people want their ray skin blackened (instead of the natural white): this is complimentary, but going from black back to white requires new same (extra cost)


Not included in the $219 price:

  • A new handle: you send us your handle and we re-wrap it.  We can build a new handle for you, but that will require you to ship us your sword for fitting and there will be an extra fee.
  • New same (ray skin).  This is available for an extra fee.
  • New furniture.  We will mount new furniture that you provide for no extra cost (if the project is reasonable).  However, our basic service remounts the fuchi/kashira and menuki that you provide.  No new furniture is included.  Again, we can add this for an additional fee.

Leather/Nubuck Tsukamaki

  • One additional caveat: once we take the wrap off of a handle, we may find that it has been badly compromised.  For your safety, we will not re-wrap a damaged handle.