Strong, elegant, and resilient, silk is the go-to wrap of most serious practitioners.  It will last for years under regular use and is available in the widest variety of colors.  Koryu Crafts is run by active swordsmen, and we build our items to last under actual use.  (Note that selecting the Wakizashi/Tanto size will reduce the price for the smaller size.)


This wrapping service includes:

  • New ito in whatever available color you like
  • Basic adjustment of your fuchi and kashira for better fit
  • Placement of menuki in the "traditional" place unless you specify differently
  • Some people want their ray skin blackened (instead of the natural white): this is complimentary, but going from black back to white requires new same (extra cost)
  • Stitching in knots to help them hold their shape over time


Not included in the price:

  • A new handle: you send us your handle and we re-wrap it.  We can build a new handle for you, but that will require you to ship us your sword for fitting and there will be an extra fee.
  • New same (ray skin).  This is available for an extra fee.
  • New furniture.  We will mount new furniture that you provide for no extra cost (if the project is reasonable).  However, our basic service remounts the fuchi/kashira and menuki that you provide.  No new furniture is included.  Again, we can add this for an additional fee.

Silk Tsukamaki

  • One additional caveat: once we take the wrap off of a handle, we may find that it has been badly compromised.  For your safety, we will not re-wrap a damaged handle.